Texas BBQ Sauce

Let’s talk BBQ folks! There are typically two kinds of people.

One: “Sure, I like BBQ!”
Two: “YAASS! Let me tell you about my families BBQ, which is the best. In the world! Oh? You’ve got a recipe? How cute are you. No. You don’t. Mine is the best.”

BBQ is serious business to some. Almost a religion. The different types: Dry rub or Wet. Kansas, Memphis, North Carolina, or Texas. Tomato, Vinegar or Mustard base? Do you bake it, grill it or smoke it. I have been on the receiving end of quite a few eye rolls and scoffs in my time.

One of Mike’s favorite shows to binge is BBQ Pit Masters. It’s like Real Housewives of New York meets Food Network. It’s bizarre – and nasty at times.

Let’s Cook!

Ribs was already on the menu for this weekend and I was thrilled to find this BBQ sauce recipe. On a chilly rainy weekend, grilling won’t work, so it’s low and slow in the oven.

Make sure you’ve removed the silver skin, generously salt and pepper both sides, and place in a roasting pan or high sided baking sheet. Cover tight with tinfoil and bake at 275 for 3 to 4 hours.

While it was baking I put the sauce together. I’m still chuckling over the line item “1/2 teaspoon mono-sodium glutamate”. Heh. I certainly don’t have any MSG in my spice cabinet. I could buy it from Amazon for $16.00, but I think we’ll just skip that for now. Wasn’t that the big thing about Chinese restaurants years ago? All the MSG and how it was going to kill us? Sigh…if only that was the biggest fear we faced right now.

MSG aside, let’s get this mixed. I know it looks like a lot of ingredients but that’s because there is! Almost every prep bowl I own. And WOW that’s a lot of vinegar!

Mix it all and heat it up. Done.

At the three hour mark, take the ribs out of the oven and check if it’s ‘fall off the bone’ yet. If the ribs are at that point, then slather them with the sauce and pop them back in the oven for another thirty minutes.

I would love to say that I have a fantastic picture of the cooked ribs. Some Instagram worthy picture of three or four ribs piled on top of each other with the sauce dripping down the sides. But I don’t. When the ribs were deemed done – the shit hit the fan and it was like I hadn’t fed my family in days. I got a shot of the full rack in the pan…that was it.

Final Results:

My husband really likes stuff with vinegar in it. Like, a lot.

This is damn fine BBQ sauce. I was going to pour the extra away, but Mike grabbed it and said he would find SOMETHING to put it on. This will definitely be made again. However, I will cut down on the cayenne (there was a bit too much heat for this pansy girl). Also, the amount of vinegar was quite a lot – maybe just one cup would do? I think maybe that would thicken the sauce up a bit as well.

What’s your method? Drop a comment and throw your hands up for your family BBQ!