New Direction

Well hello there! It’s been some time hasn’t it? What started as a quarantine/unemployment project was completely put on hold when I was offered a job last July. At the time it seemed like an amazing opportunity – and I jumped at the chance.

It was an amazing opportunity – but not in the way I had originally thought.

The last year has been hard on all of us – some so much harder than others. I am blessed to have my family and our health – and despite the fear, solitude, and sadness of the last year – we’ve also learned a lot of about ourselves. A very dear person said to me the other day “I’ve learned that I don’t like as many people as I thought I did”. heh. I’ve learned that if you wait until the perferct time to try something scary – you may never try.

All of the touchy feely crap is leading to this: We are officially opening the Pinch & Peck home bakery.

There is still a lot to work out – but I have a team of supportive friends & family that are helping me on the journey. At this time I guess it’s more of a soft opening. I’ll be adding new items every day – but if I wait for everything to be perfect I’ll never start!

I also intend to get back into the ‘old recipe food posts’ that I was doing last year. No matter what happens – some of those jello recipes have been calling my name lately.

I’ve lulled my family into a false sense of security that there will never be crab lime jello on the table again….Little do they know.