Old Fashioned Meatloaf

The last time I made meatloaf was about 5 years ago. I made something very similar to this… It might have been that exact recipe. I’ve buried the memory to the far recesses of my brain. It was pretty traumatic. The first line of this recipe says to preheat the oven and then “line a baking sheet with parchment paper”. You know what I did? I lined the baking sheet with wax paper. WAX PAPER. You know what happens to wax paper when you bake it in a 350 degree oven? Yepper – It melts. It melts INTO the food you are making. I essentially made a Wax Meatloaf.

I swore off Meatloaf for the rest of my life. But then my husband saw that I was constantly skipping over this particular recipe – he asked if I would try it. He said “I loved the meatloaf last time – please try it again”. He is either an excellent liar – or likes melted wax paper in his diet.

I will persevere! I give you really weird old fashioned meatloaf!
Honestly, I have never seen so many ‘bits’ in a meatloaf before. Celery, bell pepper… corn? But then again, I haven’t even so much as paused on a meatloaf recipe in years so what the hell do I know?

As far as ease is concerned – couldn’t be easier. Get a mess of crap and smoosh it all together in a big bowl and then slam into the loaf pan. Dissolving the bouillon cube in hot water was the biggest pain in the ass. Easy Peasy. Problem was that I’m still trying to figure out how to interpret these old recipes – I didn’t think to read through the directions fully before I ordered all of the ingredients for our grocery store curb side pickup. I didn’t realize I needed a 1/2 can of Mexican tomatoes.

What I did have was a can of HOT Rotel! How different could it be?! Throw on half the can and add the last minute spices and we are off to the races! (I’ll be damned before I put water chestnuts on ANY meal. Yick!)


I didn’t try it! I don’t eat spicy stuff. There was some discussion when this website started about what the name was going to be. While I am very pleased with what we ended up with – one of the original ideas was “The Wussy Texan”. I bring shame to my family, I truly do. I can’t eat spicy things…like at all. But my man and kid live for spice. So, while they eat dinner I get a perfectly acceptable reason to drink my dinner. (We’re on lock down – don’t judge)

He said it was good. And as a matter of fact, has now had it for lunch two days running. He says “meatloaf is always better as leftovers”. So there you have it – from Wax Loaf to actually edible! Progress!!

What do you think?