Rice Rave

Originally I was going to push this recipe to the back of the pack. Straight out of the gate, there are a few ingredients here that are troublesome. For starters, when my daughter was in elementary school she asked if I would fill her emergency card out to say that she couldn’t eat broccoli for religious reasons. Secondly, I’m not a big fan of green peppers, and quite frankly green peppers and cheese whiz doesn’t sound like a winning combination.

However, I started this as a challenge, so I need to not wuss out now. For Gods sake – I made Lime Crab Mold – anything is going to be an improvement over that.

After an embarrassing text to my mother asking was PET Milk was, I got all my ingredients together and got rolling. There is one thing that keeps coming out of all of this and that is that almost all of these recipes so far have been damn easy. They haven’t all been great – but they’ve been easy. Simple ingredients and simple process. Obviously cooking has advanced a great deal in the last 75 years and our dependency on processed and canned food has (thankfully) changed and new and fresher options are becoming available on a daily basis. But that doesn’t mean that things can’t still taste great AND be simple.

This isn’t exactly one of those. But I can see the potential! Did you see Cheese Whiz in the recipe? Do you like Cheese Whiz? If so, this dish is for you. Did I mention the CHEESE WHIZ!

Honestly, that’s pretty much all you can taste after a while. We actually had this as a side with our regular dinner. The first few bites were “Huh, that’s not too bad”, but then after another few bites I could tell no one was really touching it anymore.

This reminds me of a church Potluck dish. I think it could really be great – with a few tweeks. That’s for another day though.

What do you think?