Pineapple Drop Cookies

My mother tells me that this was my Grandmother’s favorite cookie. She also shared that Grandmommy used to make these for my sister and I when we were kids. I really wish I could remember that. The fact that she and I both liked the same thing makes me happy. However, these days I prefer my pineapple in a Pina Colada on a cruise ship.

You can’t get any easier when it comes to these cookies. Other than sifting the dry ingredients, it was pretty much a dump and mix. There was some guess work with what the size of the cookie should be, the baking temperature and for how long. My own little British Bake Off technical challenge if you will.

I ended up doing three batches of cookie; large, medium and small, and set the temperature to the all popular 350. The baking time ended up being around 15 minutes, but they come out super soft. How they were intended to be is a bit of a mystery, but I prefer softer cookies, so went with that. The smallest sized batch came out a bit crispier at 15 minutes.

These things are good! Like really good. Good enough to have a few packed in my lunch box for work today. The icing drizzle was my addition and not part of the original recipe – but for a cookie – I thought just a BIT more sweet was needed. And drizzling is just fun if I’m honest. It’s important to note that I packed these in an air tight zip lock last night and this morning they are a bit….mushy? I wonder if baking for a longer period of time is needed. And quite possibly my drizzle screwed up an otherwise perfectly fine cookie!

All in all – a damn good cookie!

What do you think?