Rink Tum Ditty

I can think of a handful of foods that are obviously named; Oranges. Pancakes. Cup cakes. Granola Bar.

Some are named after who created or discovered them: Bartlett Pear. Fettuccine Alfredo. Loganberry. Monterey Jack Cheese? First made in Monterey, California. Cantaloupe? Some say from Cantalupo, It;aly.

So, I ask you…what the hell is Rink-Tum-Ditty?? Why is it named that? More research is definitely needed. However, I’m trying really hard to not google any of these things before I make them. I don’t want to know what they are supposed to look like, or be swayed by updated recipes. I laughed out loud when I typed that sentence, like I’m going to find multiple versions of Rink Tum Ditty?

I’ll say one thing for these old recipes – most of them are pretty simple. Once again, I have all the ingredients for this one on hand. I do have some concerns over the raw eggs, but let’s pretend it’s not a problem. If the past has proven anything – it’s that we won’t eat much of it anyway.

I guess that’s it? Just chuck it all in a bowl and mix? I felt like there should be more… But no, I guess that’s it. Seems quite liquid to serve on a cracker, doesn’t it?

Final Thoughts:

It tastes…..like cheesy tomato soup. It doesn’t taste bad…it just tastes like tomato soup. I’m still not entirely sure what the eggs bring to the dish, or what the purpose of them was. Maybe it thickens it a bit? But believe me, it’s not thick at all. Thicker than water – but it sort of just drips off the cracker. My husbands opinion was “meh”. If nothing else, we’re making progress from where we started.

I think there are quite a few possibilities with this if I wanted to re-invent it. My first thought was that this should be a hot dip. Maybe substitute the milk for cream cheese, add more shredded cheese and bake in a small dish? Or better yet – let’s steal the crab from the Lime Crab Mold and make a Cheesy Tomato Hot Crab dip? 🙂 Quite a few ideas to play with here – and not expensive enough for the mistakes to piss me off too much.

In the end, Rink Tum Ditty is….fine. The name is dumb as hell though.

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